Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The art of speaking without words … Eurythmy

When I started to get acquainted with the Waldorf pedagogy one of the things that puzzled me the most was Eurythmy, because it was something really new for me.  The rest of the information that I was reading about this “new” approach to education I could understand quite easily, but with Eurythmy it was kind of a mystery.  Where it comes from? What it does? How to do it? Why it is so important in this system?  All my questions where answered, but it was not an easy one, there was like a natural resistance to it, still questioning why?  Eurythmy can be defined quite easily, as visible language or visible singing by the Waldorf definition or by the dictionary that doesn’t say much but its origin from the Greek language, that it comes from eu = well and rhuthmos = proportion, rhythm.  You can read all you want about it or go to many lectures, but you will never really understand what it is, what it means and why is so important until you do it and experience it in the flesh.

In the beginning we were really exited we where supposed to have a great speaker that weekend, but destiny plays tricks on every one, but as always it is in divine order.  Instead we got Eurythmy to replace our previous speaker.  I have to confess that this is something that you can’t just lecture about; it has to be combined words and movement, since that is what it is about movement with words.  The first day I was a volunteer up in the stage and performed all the movements, I even move along words I didn’t know or understand, the language was German, but the words didn’t matter it was the movement and what you feel what mattered.  The next two days I stayed on my chair and hear and see, I felt a little but it was not the same, I had mixed feeling about it and its importance, because of all the questions, that where in me.
But like everything in life, some of the things that you don’t like at first hand, and that you have to develop and acquire taste for it, are the things that in the long run you will enjoy the most.  That happened to me with Eurythmy as well.  We had later on an in depth seminar but this time was different, it was in a smaller group, it was more intimate and it got into me, and grew inside of me, I felt it, I saw it, it talked to me, my body, spirit and soul.  It is not only words translated into movements, planets, seasons or zodiacal signs.  It is a way for our spirit and emotions, what live in our most inner self, to express what they want to say, it was a conversation among spirits that it can only be seen and understand when your higher senses or supra sensible senses are awake.

When the right people, specialized people in Eurythmy, give classes or therapy to children or even adults.  They can really help to create a balance and harmony between, body, soul and spirit.  It is like exercise for the spirit, soul and emotion to go along with the body that is in constant exercise in our daily lives, and this gives balance to our whole.  With this you create a will within the spirit that last and if it balance you body, soul and spirit, imagine what in can do in a larger scale, it might help to create a balance in our society as well.  Today we need more movement and fewer words, let our spirit and emotions do the talking, perhaps more Eurythmy will help to heal the world we live.

Thank you to all of you that helped me and showed me the way in this difficult matter. 
Olga and Daniel


  1. Intresting. It is nice to learn something new every day. Looking forward to read more about your adventures. Good journey

  2. Belleza Gracias por compartir tus vivencias con los demás. Todo lo que hablas me deja impactado. Sigue desahogándote e informando a tus seres mas allegados de la aventura que te a tocado vivir. Te amo y extraño. Eres un ser humano excepcional,. Coqui♪♫♪♫.,.,.,,Qui, qui!!!!