Saturday, February 12, 2011

Mirrors from within…

In December we talked about the development of the child.  We had an amazing speaker, very warm, active and fun, despite the fact that he’s German and comes from a place that is very cold and kind of sober or distant.  He fit right in with us and got into us with his words, actions, knowledge and wisdom.  It was a long weekend full of information, full of everything.  

All the information and facts that were a lot and way too complicated to explain here can be kind of summarize in this: we are what we reflect, we are mirrors from within and we reflect what we have or had around and inside of us.  That is why is so important that during the growth and development of the children they are surrounded with good things to reflect later on.  The first instrument that children have to learn is with imitation, is extremely important that they are allowed to play and imitate as much as they want this will become a strong base for the Will and from it everything will grow and develop, it is the seed of everything.  The children are full of energy and they want to see everything, experience everything, and that is good since they are like a huge sensorial organ trying to get to know and understand this world that they are living into.  So it is extremely healthy to let them play and jump around as much as they want, let that contained energy out whey they are small in order to later on be able to sit still, learn and focus, if all that energy is not release it will be like a volcano later on and will erupt very hard to contain later on, so let the kid play, jump and run, live lively.  Kids that play will develop a strong sense of Will, Sympathy, Fantasy and Imagination when grown up will be able to acquire Knowledge, Distance, Memory and Concept.  These are reflections of each other all of them necessary to educate child toward freedom and become a freethinker human being.  In the same way that is important to have balanced nutrition so it is to have a balanced education that contains knowledge, movement, creativity, art and music.

We are formed with the elements and the knowledge of the Universe.  Remember and try to always be surrounded by good things to imitate and reflect.  We are mirrors from within … so reflect wisdom and beauty to the Universe.


  1. Bello, Tus experiencias me llenan de mucha inspiración, Que Rico ternura, que estas haciendo lo que Tu realmente quieres. Coqui♪♫

  2. Unámonos todos para crear ese espejo en todos los que nos rodean. Es por eso que dicen que los hijos son reflejo de los padres te amo mami