Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Letting go ......... Moving forward

During my last weeks at home without "work".  Me without "work" someone that has worked all the time since I was 18, except on holiday (aka vacation not Christmas) of course.  What I was going to do during all this time, while my visa arrived and the day of my departure.  I felt really lost that last day at work.  But little did I know that destiny and everything else was in divine order.
In the beginning I enjoyed sleeping late and having nothing to do, not really still waking up at 7ish in the morning, but did enjoy staying at home doing what ever I pleased. 
Took some time to share with my special someone, Yasiel, we drove around making some deliveries and had a lot of fun, it has been a while since the last time that I laugh like that, GPS are a FUN thing.  Went away in a long weekend to the west of the island and enjoyed some US time.
Also took some bonding quality time with my family.  Helped my mum to paint her classroom with lazure technique, creating a beautiful eternal sunset.  That will inspire and help her students and she will see and feel me close by her, every day, while I am away, this way she might miss me a little less.  Share very special time with my sis and her kids, good eating, going to the beach, that I will miss so much, walks through the sand, playing with the waves in the shore, and the baby crabs int the rocks. What a lovely days, those are my biggest treasure, I am so loved and blessed, THANK YOU to all for everything.
As the days moved forward the D-day "departure day" came closer and closer, my VISA arrived which I was so happy and exited for, and my reality check came closer and closer. 
The hard work was approaching, letting go.  But letting go of what really.  Well I started with the stuff, all the things that I had got during the years.  I had to learn to let go and with the help of my huge and special angel that I have on earth, my titi.  She guided me, helped me, showed me, so I could learn how to let go.  All that stuff that was just it, stuff, lifeless, in-animated, that I have given life and meaning in my mind, memories and heart, the only place that this stuff gets any real value and in there it doesn't occupy a single inch of space, because there the space is infinite.
But the hardest thing of all was to letting go from the people you love.  My family and friends, sharing with all of you was very special, great and important.  Also for the ones I could not see or talk before leaving all of you accompany me in my heart.
After all this experiences that made me grow a lot in a very little time, letting go made my baggage lighter, (not really, had to pay excess baggage for the first time) but metaphorically it did, and allow me to move forward.


* Pictures for this entry will come soon