Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Everything is Illuminated ...

Everything is Illuminated …
Just got here, unpacking and doing everything that you normally do when you move.  Checking everything, and during this process of checking, I go to verify the schedule of my classes, for which I’m very exited.  For my surprise the classes start this weekend and not the one after like I thought.  I need a place to stay near the school, I look at the list of places to stay provided by the school, pick one and call.  My new friend, Marta, answered she said that the room was available, a shared room with a girl form Tenerife, Cora, my other new friend and Rafa, we were all together under the same roof, I love my new friends.  Now quickly packing had lunch and to my adventure, “a por ellos”.
The school is beautiful, with plenty of space, areas divided, the energy is amazing is like being transported to a parallel world, I felt, harmony, peace and happiness.  Got just in time few minutes to get settled, feel and experience the ambiance, it was splendid.  

The conference started, the theme: Evolution of Consciousness
The instant that it is started everyone is hypnotized with his voice and knowledge.  Is a flow of energy and knowledge that is absorbed like by osmosis into you and inhabits in you.  With a theme so complex like this one, he starts simple and low to get everyone and then we altogether evolve and acquire the information we need.  Starting with the meaning of evolution that is a process that contains all the possibilities (definition I never thought of but is true and it is applied really well) and that education should be like that and toward freedom from the knowledge and the development of identity.  Every teacher has to have certain qualities: have plenty of Fantasy to promote creative thoughts in the students, a teacher can’t get “dry” in the spirit or “grouchy” in order to be in synchrony with the student spirit that is usually very high and always have the courage and the will of the truth, to obtain the trust of the student and be able to create the process of learning together. 

In the same way that the universe, the solar system, the earth, the body of every being evolves through time also its consciousness and all that it is contain within every one of us.  A different type of knowledge and consciousness waiting to be awakened, to uncover our eyes and see the world under a new perspective, with new eyes and senses to experience living in a new way.  With this new consciousness and my intention, new questions arise.  When I started to become Me? What is my mission in life? What are my ideas of the future? What is the will for and of my life?

We are drawn by and into the future, but it might scare a little, the unknown sometimes can create this effect.  But all we have to do is get a few steps back to prepare, get all that we might need and jump into the future, evolve, grow.  In the same way that our body evolves so it does our consciousness and soul, complementing every living being.  The teacher have to know and understand this in order to teach to the students what they are ready to learn, accept and that it is related to his point of evolution in order to identify with it and learn it.
After three days of total and complete evolution, I’m able to understand many things that I have felt but did not understand.  Now that this veil has being removed, when my supra sensible senses have been awakened, Everything was Illuminated, Everything stay Illuminated, Everything is Illuminated…


  1. Gracias, Cecil. Disfruto mucho de tu aventura por este medio. Nos preguntamos porque estando en Espana escribes en ingles?
    supongo por ser el idioma universal siendo tu ahora internacional!
    Mucho amores

  2. pues si, como también lo comparto en facebook para q cualquiera q le interese me pueda leer pero mi idioma favorito siempre sera el español

  3. Que bueno, Cecil! We're so happy for you! Gracias por crear este blog para compartir tu gran aventura, la busqueda de tu verdad. May you be blessed.

  4. querida Cecil siempre te he dicho que eres una maestra excelente, tienes don de palabras y de transmitir lo que sabes ,adelante con tu aventura y ayudanos a seguir creciendo contigo, gracias, te amamos, besossssssssssss mami

  5. I'm glad you have finally returned to the spiritual path. ;)

  6. qué lindo, cecil. está lleno de paz todo esto, verdad?

    voy a madrid en unas semanas, te aviso pal jangueo ;)