Saturday, August 28, 2010

Everything is in perfect divine order...

Yes the time has finally come, I've finished at work and now the time I have left is to start the closure of this part of my life and get ready to commence a new and exiting chapter in my life.  I have got a big suitcase (I am a very practical person and have always traveled with a carry on suitcase no matter how many days, 3, 7, 10, 15) so this was very important, since my initial plan is to live in Europe for the next three years.  I studied art and I know a lot of random stuff and things, but I have always have the gift of teaching and learning, I believe is in my blood, since both of my parents are teachers.  Now I have decided to start my education on becoming a teacher but not just any regular one, no, I will become a Waldorf teacher.  This a method created by Rudolph Steiner after WWI to alleviate the suffering experienced by the children in the war.  Is a method that integrates the three main components of a human being body, soul and spirit.  All this is nurtured with knowledge, art, creativity, music and healthy nurturing food.  This method made a big improvement in the society, when it was definitely mostly needed and I think that today also a big improvement in society is needed, so I will do my share to give a better future to all the generations to come.  This is to my nephew(Rio), my niece(Gia) and my god-daughter(Andrea), I love you all. May my adventure commence and everything will be in perfect divine order.


  1. En hora buena Cecil. Que todos tus sueños se materialicen en tu camino. Tu te lo mereces. Te voy a extrañar mucho, pero vas con todas mis bendiciones.
    Abrazate a tus sueños y hazlos realidad.
    Te quiero mucho.


  2. Hola Amorcito bello,

    Estoy verdaderamente impresionado de como te expresas. Yo se que tienes las fuerzas, la inteligencia y las ganas para cumplir todo lo que te propongas en la vida. nunca te rindas ante nadie, ni ante nada. quiero que sepas que como pareja, como amigo o como sea, estare aqui para apoyarte y/o ayudarte en lo que nesesites.
    Se, de todo corazon que te va a ir en perfecto orden divino y que seras una maestra expectacular. Exito!!!
    TQMMMMM. Yasiel

  3. Enhorabuena!

    Te confieso que por un momento llegue a pensar que no ibas a llevar a cabo tu plan. Es un paso muy grande y lleno de valentia.
    Aca quedaremos unos cuantos necesitando de tu bondad y de tu caracter lleno de alegria. Y el cine. ay ni te lo menciono!
    Agarate Europa que aca viene Cecilamor!!!
    Muchos besos y bendiciones...
    Tu Madrinita